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Luckywebs has run monthly WordPress courses since 2012 , helping over 2600 people set up their own WordPress websites. With a solid background in digital marketing and a strong commitment to continuous improvement, Rafi Akbar and his team have designed an easy-to-follow WordPress courses for web novices. The 1-day WordPress Course is simple and practical – once completed you will be able to install your very own website!


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rafi akbarThe Luckywebs WordPress course is the longest running in London compared to any other one day course out there.

Rafi is an enthusiastic, generous tutor and has applied his expert knowledge of web design, web development, web analytics, social media, SEO and WordPress to the developmentof all the Luckweb courses. Attending the 1-day workshop is a cost-effective first step to setting up and managing your website, especially ideal if you have a limited budget.

About Us

The Luckywebs WordPress Course is a step-by-step guide to setting up your website, these steps include:

• buying a domain
• signing up to the best web hosting package for beginners
• installing WordPress
• installing a paid/free theme
• installing plug-ins
• creating pages that form the underlying structure of your website
• creating posts and adding text, images, videos

If you’re still not sure then please do read feedback (will open in a new tab) from satisfied Luckywebs customers, we look forward to seeing you at our next bootcamp/workshop.

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