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WordPress-coursesBest WordPress course in London – is it possible to cover everything in one day?

For beginners this must be one of the first questions to go over before signing up. Well it really does depend on how much information you can take in, the speed of your laptop, your understanding of basic internet skills and whether you have any budget to invest.

I’m a beginner – so many choices! Get me out of here!!

There are so many resources available online but if you’re a beginner and you start looking for videos and blog posts about how to build your website, there are simply too many options available. It quite daunting and doesn’t help you decide which option you should go for. For example which of the solutions should you go for? There’s Weebly, Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Moonfruit, 1&1, Wix and WordPress.

In order to decide which is the right option, you need an expert opinion. As a WordPress trainer I can safely say choosing WordPress would be the right option if you are thinking of managing a lot of content for your website. WordPress is still quite powerful if you’re looking to build your eCommerce website however one thing to note is that when using shopping carts and payment gateways, your customers will leave your website from the moment they are told to enter their payment details.

The payment gateway company (for example,, WorldPay, Barclays etc) will be responsible for taking your customer payment details. Once completed, your customers will be redirected to your WordPress website.

On the otherhand if you insist on a smoother customer experience where your customer never appears to have left your site during the entire checkout process, using Magento would be the ideal solution. Magento (at the time of writing) is owned by eBay, therefore rest assured that you can expect a powerful ecommerce store when you sign up. The only downside is that unless you are a technical person, it is quite difficult to customise your Magento store. Back to WordPress. One of the main attractions of WordPress is the ability to install plugins.

Provided you have purchased a domain (highly recommend when buying domains) and signed up for a decent web hosting package (recommend as they dedicate hosting to WordPress sites and what’s more, they install WordPress for you  without charging you extra), you will have the ability to add extra functionalities (just like Weebly, Wix and Shopify) but without paying a penny.

Want to add a customise Google maps on your site? There’s a free plugin for it. Want to add a contact form or show your social media content such as tweets, pins, Facebook likes? There are free plugins for all of them. Just have a look at and you can see a list of almost 28,000 free plugins.

You will probably need a handful of plugins when building your dream website but even then you need guidance, someone to show you how it’s done.That’s where our one day WordPress courses for beginners come in handy.

By Rafi Akbar

Rafi Akbar run monthly WordPress courses at Google campus. Rafi's passionate about helping beginners to get their websites up and running. Rather than building websites for you, Rafi will teach you how to build a fast loading, error free website all by yourself.

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