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WordPress Webinar – Beginner Guide To Making Your Website

WordPress webinarWordPress Webinar – Beginner Guide To Making Your Website will go through the initial steps and access to resources that you need in order to make your website just the way you want using WordPress. At least most of the time.

We’ll use GoToMeeting for the webinar.

Trainer Info

Join WordPress trainer Rafi Akbar as he will go through the steps through an online presentation to cover the important steps of followed by installing, configuring and securing a brand new WordPress website. Finally Rafi will go over installing a premium, customisable website theme, plugins, widgets and also cover Google Analytics and SEO.

WordPress Webinar – Beginner Guide To Making Your Website covered a variety of topics including:

  1. how to setup a homepage
  2. how to add plugins to:
    • increase page speed
    • cache content
    • parse CSS & JS
    • secure the site
    • change the login URL
  3. publish content via email
  4. creating forms
  5. adding a menu, logo and sidebar items

There is ofcourse, a sequence you need to follow. For example, first create pages, then create menus otherwise you wont have any pages to add in the first place. Create a few posts before creating a blog page. Without posts there is nothing you can display on a blog page. Adding a logo or using text as the company or brand name is completely at your discretion.

Next, adding items to sidebars and footer widget areas. Now it is easy to confuse between footer widget areas and footer. In the footer you have about 1 row where you can just add the copyright information, text links e.g. terms, privacy policy, contact etc.

Footer widget areas are where you can add images, text (company information, offers), newsletter sign up form, social media widgets e.g. to show tweets, pins, instagram images etc.

This webinar has expired. Please return to the homepage and look for the latest webinar.