Duration: 5h 15m Level: Beginner Updated :October 27, 2016 Viewed: 3675

Course Description

Luckywebs beginners course photoWant to set up a WordPress-powered site using a web hosting service?

Your first consideration when building a website is, do you want to build a website yourself, or have someone build it for you?

Either way something for you to consider, if you learn the fundamentals of building a website, when handing this over to those in the field, you will at least have some knowledge as to what goes on behind the scenes; this in turn provides you with the opportunity to make informed decisions as to how you would like your website to look and feel for user experience.


What can you expect by the end of this course?

By the end of this course you will have a domain name and web hosting package set up and ready to go. Click “introduction” below to get started!