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Free Website Course – 10 signs you Should invest in them

free-website-courseWe all know that when something is free, it is probably too good to be true. Free Website Course? Read on people…

There is absolutely no doubt that we will try to find some sort of rationale behind why anything is labelled “free”. Take the Luckywebs free WordPress course for example. Maybe it’s free because it’s only for a few hours? Perhaps someone with little to no experience is giving a talk? Ah I know what it is. The place must be dodgy and miles away from any human civilisation. It must be a talk where we listen until we fall asleep. This list is endless.

Free Website Course?

Yes this particular website course is free for complete beginners who does not have a web hosting package.

This course is not a talk. It is not a general Q&A session. No we are not going to the pub afterwards. You can certainly share your ideas, techniques and meet other WordPress beginners. But the main focus is to help you make your website your way using WordPress.

By the end of the day you will leave with your own 4-page website with 2 blog posts. More like the beginning of something truly great. You must bring a laptop and sign up to a hosting package.

What if I don’t have a hosting package?

WordPress recommends Bluehost as the number 1 hosting provider. You will need to pay 3 years fee upfront. It is certainly an investment but for just over £2 per month the level of support, unlimited emails, web hosting and features you get, there’s nothing better out there. More importantly, a WordPress plugin that help you back up your website with a single click is compatible as well. What’s more, if you sign up through us you save an extra £50.

Save £50 and sign up now by visiting (will open in a new tab)

Compare Us With The Best

Google “wordpress courses in london” and spend some time on the results.
To make is easier we have compiled a table below:


Duration is in hours and price includes VAT. Having said that, did you find any free website course out there? Pretty soon you probably will because we are the first of introducing it and certainly won’t be the last.

If you sign up to Bluehost web hosting via then you can attend our 8hrs course in Google campus completely free of charge. If you already have a web hosting package and still interested to attend, the fee is £50. It is still £35 less than one of the courses with the lowest course fee (6 hours).

You must bring a laptop and charger to the session (unless you are confident your laptop will survive 8 hrs).

Where do we take it from here?

Our aim is to build a long term relationship with you and this free WordPress course is simply the start. It leads to our 2-day WordPress course (£300). Those who attend the free WordPress course receives a £50 discount.

By Rafi Akbar

Rafi Akbar run monthly WordPress courses at Google campus. Rafi's passionate about helping beginners to get their websites up and running. Rather than building websites for you, Rafi will teach you how to build a fast loading, error free website all by yourself.

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