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WordPress Course at Google Campus

The WordPress courses at Google campus has been going almost every month since June 2012. No matter how much experience you can gain throughout the years, you are always surprised by the questions asked by some of the attendees.

WordPress for beginners course

This is a beginners course. If you are new to using computers then you are literally trying to run before you can walk. Not only will you have difficulty following the steps but there is a chance you will be overwhelmed and simply give up. The key is to first get used to hand.

WordPress Training Courses

This is not a talk. It is a hands-on WordPress course where you bring your own laptop and charger, build your pages and posts, menu, set up a theme, install plugins, add content to the sidebar, footer and pages. You do it all and what’s more, you do it alongside like-minded people. Some are startups, some are small businesses and some are complete beginners.

Online WordPress Classes

Are these really helpful? Can you learn everything by yourself simply by sitting with your laptop and switch between a video and your WordPress dashboard to try out the new things you’re learning? If you’re not in London that’s completely understandable however if you are in London then there is no excuse – bring your laptop over to Google campus and start learning step-by-step how to build a fast loading WordPress website.

WordPress Courses-Free

This course is free to attend however you would need to sign up to a web hosting package  and install the self-hosted version of WordPress. Remember there are 2 versions of WordPress: the one at

WordPress Courses Theme

The course is structured in a way that allows any beginner or intermediate WordPress user to get to grips with the nitty gritty of building and managing a WordPress website. You will learn enough to decide whether you want a WordPress theme that will transform your layout and make it appear as a blog with categories appearing on the menu. On the other hand you can install a theme that will transform it into a website.

WordPress Course Attendees

There was a mixed bunch as usual – some were sent by companies to learn about WordPress so that they can manage it better while others were individuals planning to build ecommerce websites and sell products. There was an individual who already had a WordPress website and wanted to learn how to manage it better. After the course I spent some time and helped figure out how to switch between the same page when using a translation plugin. You learn new things everyday.

WordPress Reviews

Will be added shortly.

Next WordPress course

Will take place on Sat 22nd August 2015. Time: 10am-6pm. Sign up and get ready to learn how to build and manage your own website!

By Rafi Akbar

Rafi Akbar run monthly WordPress courses at Google campus. Rafi's passionate about helping beginners to get their websites up and running. Rather than building websites for you, Rafi will teach you how to build a fast loading, error free website all by yourself.

9 replies on “WordPress Course at Google Campus”

I cannot attend the August 22 wordpress course but would be interested in attending on a weekend or evening at a later date. Can you please keep me in the loop when you next host such a course.


How about Sat 19th September Chris? That’s when the next course is taking place. If you’re interested to sign up then let me know and I can point you to the registration page for that course.

My website shows “nothing found.”

After a Chat with Bluehost, finally gained access to Dashboard only to find that all ‘plugins’ have disappeared. No Woocommerce! Presently have a purchase I can’t process.

Please help!

If your hosting provider helped you regain access to the site, they can also tell you what went wrong in the first place. Right now I don’t see your shop. Instead a new WordPress install. When you say your plugins have disappeared, the only way this can happen is if someone who had access to your dashboard or your hosting control panel reinstalled WordPress. Have you given anyone access to your site?

Hi Rafi,

My website has disappeared, Plugins in dashboard deactivated. Email not working. Can’t process order what do I do?

Sorry to hear that Osita. I can visit your site however I’m seeing a completely new WordPress installation. Have you updated anything recently? When updating WordPress or various plugins, you are asked to update the database and that’s when sometimes you may see your website not functioning correctly. Which is why I’ve helped you set up WP Clone. Use WP Clone to restore your website and let me know.

Dear Rafi,

I would like to commend your efforts at helping restore my site. What a relief! The questions you provided me helped me to effectively engage my web hosting company, Bluehost, in determining what went wrong.

It transpired that a faulty plugin might have caused a break in the themes used. The wonderful thing is that you kindly spent hours going through all the plugins to identify the faulty one and then spent hours working on the theme and WordPress, effectively restoring my site to full functionality.

Please accept my gratitude. Thank you.



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